Staff Directory

Front Office
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Boese, Stephen Principal
Durant, Shawnee Office Manager
Hagan, Aimee Health Technician
Kissler, Becky Registrar, Secretary
White, Emily Assistant Principal
Early Childhood
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Finch, Jennifer Paraprofessional
Frank, Katie Lead Teacher
Walker, Holly Paraprofessional
Weihrauch, Michele Lead Teacher
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Achziger, Taylor Paraprofessional, Mrs. Moon's Classroom
Devalk, Alexandra Kindergarten Teacher
Hecker, Colleen Paraprofessional, Mrs. DeValk's Classroom
Hill, Shannon Paraprofessional, Mrs. Lynn's Classroom
Lynn, Jessica Kindergarten Teacher
Moon, Casey Kindergarten Teacher
Railsback, Shelby Paraprofessional, Mrs. Rockwood's Classroom
Rockwood, Elizabeth Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Ludens, Beth Paraprofessional
Olsen, Leslie First Grade Teacher
Peardot, Jessica First Grade Teacher
Vigil, Erin First Grade Teacher
Warner, Bethony First Grade Teacher
2nd Grade
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Basnar, Elizabeth Second Grade Teacher
Bright, Lisa Second Grade Teacher
Mitchell, Patricia Second Grade Teacher
Repetto, Karen Second Grade Teacher
3rd Grade
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Dohn, Danny Third Grade Teacher
Fris, Tamra Third Grade Teacher
Reger, Shawna Third Grade Teacher
Richen, Patricia Third Grade Teacher
4th Grade
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Allen, Nicole Fourth Grade Teacher
King, Jodi Fourth Grade Teacher
Marshall, Katy Fourth Grade Teacher
Turner, Jessie Fourth Grade Teacher
5th Grade
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Hendrickson, Benjamen Fifth Grade Teacher
Provencio, Kerry Fifth Grade Teacher
Strike, Shannon Fifth Grade Teacher
VanHuss, Shara Fifth Grade Teacher
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Crawford, Nicole Physical Education Teacher
Fox, Becky Librarian, McKinney Representative
Franklin, Deanna Music Teacher
Greene, Bridgette GT Site Coordinator & Enrichment Teacher
Mcneil-Vantatenhove, Annie Art Teacher
Newman, Catherine Technology Teacher
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Dean, Shala Title 1, Kindergarten
Dolva, Taia Title 1, First Grade
Porter, Diane Title 1, Fourth Grade
Salter, Abigail Title 1, Fifth Grade
Sanfacon, Jean Title 1, Second Grade
Schkade, Rebecca Title 1, Third Grade
Integrated Services
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Barrett, Scott Grades K, 2 and 4
Chaisson, Joseph Paraprofessional
Jaynes, Corynne Grades 1, 3 and 5
Post, Tracy Paraprofessional
Watz, Adrienne Paraprofessional
Additional Staff
Staff Name Position Contact E-Mail
Andrews, Alicia Speech/Language
Braucht, Jared Speech/Language
Dude, Susie School Counselor and 504 Coordinator
Jones, Marnie BCBA
Roquett, Dani Psychologist
Schrader, Jarrod Paraprofessional, Grades 2 & 3
Spence, MaryAnn Social Emotional Learning Coach
St. Martin, Greta Mental Health
Thomas, Maria Elena Family Liaison
PSD does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, veteran status, age or disability in access or admission to, or treatment or employment in, its programs or activities. A lack of English speaking skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation.