Tracy Post

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My favorite children's book/author: 

One of my favorite books is The Rainbow Fish, because of the valuable lesson it teaches.

What I love most about teaching: 

This is my 15th year as a paraprofessional with PSD. I love working with students and sharing in their learning process and helping them grow in their educational and social skills.

My hometown: 

I was born in Amarillo, Texas, and one month later, in 1962, my family moved to Fort, Collins, Colorado.

Something I like to do outside of school/in the summer: 

I love living in Colorado. We are blessed to have so many mountains close by. I enjoy hiking, camping, and spending time with my family.

Something else I want to share with you: 

I have three dogs, they are all dachshunds - Copper, Mylo, and Zorro!

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