History of Bauder

Bauder originally opened in 1969 and is named after long-time Poudre School District mStorytimeusic teacher, Katharyn Bauder.  The school was remodeled in 1992 and 2006.  In 2010, Moore Elementary School closed and merged with Bauder increasing its enrollment.

Bauder's 50th Anniversary (2018)

September, 2018 marked Bauder's 50th year of educating the children in our community.  Look how far we've come!

1968 - Bauder is opened (with only the POD 1 and POD 3 areas)

1972 - POD 2 area added to accomodate growth

1985/1986 - A library is added

1992/1993 - New additions and gymnasium installed.  (Third and fourth grade students are housed at Washington Elementary during this time)

1994 - Title 1 programs begin at Bauder

2004 - Early Childhood programs added to Bauder

2009 - 6th grade moves to middle schools

2010 - Moore Elementary closes and merges with Bauder

2013 - New ventilation system added to aid with cooling and heating

2014 - Learning Garden installed

2017 - Center Based Autism Program added to Bauder

2018 - Bauder's 50th Anniversary Celebration

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