Bauder Elementary

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2nd Grade

In second grade, your child can expect to be nurtured and challenged.  We focus on the development of both responsiblity and independence, as well as a love of learning.

Elements of our program include both whole and small group instruction that include differentiation.  We expect students to develop home-to-school communication, organization, and self-assessment skills, as well as how to advocate for themselves.  

These life skills are developed through our classroom community and culture.  Building upon their prior knowledge, students will develop stamina and personal motivation through rigorous independent work and classroom expectations. 

Students can look forward to...

-integration of subjects

-field trips

-active days

-interactive Smartboard lessons


Opportunities for...




-visits from community members, such as Spellbinders and Junior Achievement

-hands-on activities

2nd Grade members

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Mrs. Buckley Hancock
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Mrs. Patti Richen
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Mrs. Jessica Lynn
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Penny Mitchell