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Mrs. Ally Kalsbeek

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About Me
My favorite children's book/author: 

My favorite children's book is Corduroy

What I love most about teaching: 

My favorite part of teaching is getting a classroom to operate and learn as a tribe. The more we are able to work together and learn from one another, the better off we are as learners and citizens!

My hometown: 

I have moved many times. I was born in Granite Bay, California and have lived in other parts of Northern California. I also lived in a suburb of Chicago for 7 years as a child. Since high school, I have lived in Northern California, so that definitely feels like home! My husband and I moved to Fort Collins in March and absolutely love it!

Something I like to do outside of school/in the summer: 

I love, love, LOVE coffee. I also enjoy hiking, climbing, traveling, adventuring, yoga, leading, shopping, photography, and spending time with my family.

Something else I want to share with you: 

I am so excited to be your 4th grade teacher!

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

My classroom is structured and fun; a blend of hard-working and mindfulness, independence and collaboration, laughter and honest conversations. I believe who-heartedly that if we don't make mistakes, we can't truly grow as learners. In my classroom, you will be heard, known, and seen. Your ideas and creativity matter, and I want to help find and encourage you in the ways you have specifically been gifted. I am excited to learn and grow together this year.