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Ms. Lori Painter

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About Me
My favorite children's book/author: 

I love reading Gary Schmidt to the kids! He makes the characters seem so real and the kids really hate it when the story ends.

What I love most about teaching: 

I love the hands-on activities we do in the classroom, especially in science. When an experiment goes just right, the expressions on their faces is priceless.

My hometown: 

Fort Collins has always been my home. I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Something I like to do outside of school/in the summer: 

I just recently took up running. I played soccer for 17 years, but decided I wanted to pursue other activities. A friend talked me into training with her for a 5K. I've been running since March and love it! I try to run two races a month. It's great getting out there and running all the different courses Fort Collins has to offer.

Something else I want to share with you: 

Both of my children are Bauder graduates. They continued on to Blevins and then to Rocky. My daughter works at the Clothes Pony and my son attends Front Range and works at King Soopers.

My Classroom
Courses Taught: 

In science, we will cover topics that include: chemistry, weather, landforms, and the human body.

In social studies, we cover explorers, early colonies, and the American Revolution.

In literacy, our units will cover Taking a Stand and Civil Rights, Investigating nonfiction topics, Trickster Tales, a Survival unit, and Westward Movement.

About My Classroom: 

5th grade can be fast paced. We seem to get in as many things as possible: music program, Eco and Celebration Weeks, middle school visits, as well as studying chemisty, explorers, weather, the human body, American Revolution....the list goes on. Be ready for a packed year!