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Jon Kleopfer

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About Me
My favorite children's book/author: 

Well, for preschool, it would be Dinosaur Roar!, by Paul & Henrietta Strickland.  I've never had a student who didn't like it.  Sadly, it's out of print now, but copies are still around if you look hard enough.

Something I like to do outside of school/in the summer: 

I'm a voracious reader.  Other people worry about running out of food, or gas... me, I worry about running out of books.  (Maybe that's because my mother was a librarian.)

My Classroom
Courses Taught: 

     In PSD's Pre-K program, there are four major emphases... social skills, language development, cognition & pre-academics, and health & wellness.  All of these are woven into every part of our day.

About My Classroom: 

For preschool, I have two important guidelines for my classroom:

     -  I try to keep our schedule & routines simple enough that even my youngest students can understand and follow them.  My ultimate goal is that they can take ownership of the day, and run many activities by themselves.

     -  I try to have so much fun that the students never realize they're learning... (though I'm always quick to point out that they are.)