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Jane Harvey

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About Me
My favorite children's book/author: 

Harry Potter series/J.K. Rowling

My children grew up with this tantalizing and engaging story. They were the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione and each new book we would read together on summer break. I re-read this series every few years. I wish I could live in a castle and use my wand to organize my desk or kitchen!

What I love most about teaching: 

I have worked with kids for many many years, and I realized a long time ago, that working with kids would be second best to having a magic wand! Kids give me energy and hope for the future. I love their creativity and trusting nature. They surprise me everyday. The students at Bauder welcomed me this year with a generous and friendly attitude. Go Bauder!

My hometown: 

Littleton, Colorado

Something I like to do outside of school/in the summer: 

I love to be outside as much as possible. When the river is high, I love to raft and kayak. I could go hiking every day to experience the quiet solitude. I love the fact that I live so close to the mountains and wonderful hiking trails. When I want to do a long hike, I pack my tattered and trusty back pack and climb some of the highest mountains in our state. But what I love the most is going out to my overgrown yard and plant all kinds of edible goodies to share with my family and friends! My dog Bellafeusch loves to eat the fat green tomato worms. Summer is my favorite time of year!

Something else I want to share with you: 

I am not a traditional educator. I worked over 20 years teaching and coaching gymnastics. I helped kids become confident in their sport and I had many amazing experiences along the way. My education is in Nutrition/Fitness/Wellness and this is where I spend some of my time with Bauder. You may see me playing with students on the playground, or doing activities in the classroom or talking to kids about fruit and vegetable in the lunch room. Health is important to me and therefore I care deeply about child health and creating a healthy environment at school. I am happy I came to work at Bauder this year, and I hope that I will be here for many years to come.