Bauder Elementary

Phone:970-488-4150 Attendance: 970-488-4151


We recognize that communication is a critical component of a child's education.  At Bauder we use several vehicles to maintain this important relationship:


Thursday Folders: While some teachers send information home daily, Thursday folders allow us a weekly way of getting student work and other information home consistently.

Email: This is a large part of how the building communicates directly with our families. To get onto our listserve please register at the Email Alert Sign-Up site. This is also where you can get information from the district and other schools you are have children at.

Website: Check out this page for the latest news and events as well as our Bauder News tab. We also have a document library tab in the parent portal for you convenience to find that missing supply list or information.

Facebook: You don't need to have a Facebook account to view our page however, if you "friend" Bauder, be sure to add Bauder as a "Close Friend" so that you will receive emails with any new posts. This is also where you will find our monthly podcasts. A Facebook link is conveniently located at the bottom right hand corner of our homepage.

Twitter: Yes, we tweet! Typical tweets would remind families about no school, inclement weather, or other important news. We don't tweet a lot, but it is another way to stay in touch! A Twitter link is conveniently located at the bottom right hand corner of our homepage. We are located at @bauderbucks.

Principal Newsletters: These go out monthly and are done through email. Classroom Communication: Each staff member has their own preferred methods of communication.

Classroom Websites:  Not all classrooms have functional websites, but for those who do, they can be found in two places:  At the bottom of each grade level page is a link to each teacher's page.  If they have a class website there will be a link on their page.  You can also look in the staff directory.  If a teacher has a class website, it will be on their individual page.