Bauder Elementary

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5th Grade

Your child can expect the 5th grade teachers to provide a mixture of independent learning and support, as we prepare students to be self-sufficient and confident learners.

Elements of our program include a homeroom class in which 5th graders study reading, writing, spelling, science and social studies. Landforms and Ecology are two major science topics. In social studies students will work on a collaborative project on an Explorer. Math is taught in flexible groups. Students may have a different math teacher than their homeroom teacher. Knowing multiplication facts will help students master the standard multiplication and division algorithms.

Students can look forward to many 5th grade activities such as: Eco Week, Middle School Visits, and End of the Year Celebrations.

In 5th grade students will have the opportunity to use a personal lap top computer or Netbook. This technology enhances our 5th grade curriculum and prepares students to use technology to learn.



5th Grade members

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Mr. Ben Hendrickson
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Kerry Provencio
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Mrs. Trisha Whyte
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Ms. Lori Painter