Bauder Elementary

Phone:970-488-4150 Attendance: 970-488-4151


      The land that Bauder sits on is so large that we have three separate playground areas for students to use.


    Our west playground houses our Pre-K equipment, jungle gym, swings, sand pit, and two baseball fields. It also has a blacktop where students can play basketball, tetherball, four-square, and hopscotch.


     The east playground is for our older students. It has a large field for soccer and football as well as a large blacktop area that contains two basketball courts where students can also play a variety of games.


     The south playground is the smallest of the three, but also contains areas of blacktop for four-square, tetherball, and hopscotch as well as a woodchip area where we house more jungle gyms and swings.

     Our final area is the extreme west field. This area is typically not used as a playground area, but more of a natural area. It contains our butterfly garden and a national environmental monitoring project called Digital Earth Watch.