Bauder Elementary

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Bauder Elementary is a designated as a Wellness School.  Originally we were one of only three schools district-wide with this designation.  Since that time, the program has expanded to multiple schools across the district and state.

The wellness designation comes to us because of our commitment and programming toward wellness initiatives.  Below are a few examples of current wellness initiatives at Bauder:


Recess Before Lunch:  Research supports reversing the typical practice of eating lunch and THEN going out to recess.  By going to recess first, research shows that there is more lunch consumption, less food waste, improved behavior, and more consumption of healthful foods.  At Bauder this is implemented in grades 3 through 5. 

Brain Breaks:  Teachers use brain breaks throughout the academic day.  These short (few minutes) breaks involve getting students out of their seats to reactivate their minds that tend to stagnate if they sit for too long.   

Walk-a-thon:  Instead of Spell-a-thons or Math-a-thons, our main fundraiser is a Walk-a-thon to emphasize fitness.

Universal Breakfast:  Breakfast is offered in the classroom to all students at no cost.  This ensures that all students are ready to learn with a healthy start to the day.

Wellness Team:  Bauder has a dedicated team of staff and parents who meet at least once a month, create goals, monitor initiatives, and work on wellness grants for the building.